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New Version 1.1 Adds iPhone & iPod touch support! And a bit more!

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Expressive Audio Generator AUv3

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Musical for artists. Precise for scientists. Easy and FUN for everyone.

"I really see this app becoming a standard and a must have component in one's iOS audio app arsenal."

Paul Henry, Paul Henry Pro Audio

Indie audio app developer auDSPr has created auGEN X. You can think of auGEN X in two ways: first, it is a precise tool for making audio test sounds, and second, it is a performable creative sound design instrument. On one end use auGEN X to help set up, test, calibrate, and optimize your audio system. On the other end use it to create a wide variety of interesting sounds. auGEN X has a full-featured audio oscillator, a high quality noise generator, and an impulse generator. The simple yet powerful user interface is designed for fast, precise, intuitive control over your signals. auGEN X works both as a Stand-Alone App and as an AUv3 Audio Unit Extension.

I started making this App because as an audio electronics engineer I could not find a single audio generator that does everything that I require AND is an AUv3 Audio Unit. It has developed into a cool tool for exploring sound design. Our goal is for auGEN X to be one of your Essentials in your audio toolbox. We hope you enjoy it and we’re excited to see and hear the cool things that you do with auGEN X!

"It’s striking to me that auGEN X pulls off the feat of being just as valuable as a professional testing tool for software and hardware as it is for music creation/sound design. In practice, the real testament to its usefulness for me is that I find myself firing it up constantly, for more and more purposes."

Bo, from NYC

Social Media

New auGEN X is featured in Jakob Haq's interview with experimental artist Hainbach who uses test equipment to make beautiful ambient music.

iOS Music Maker Adam Hardyman made a couple of awesome videos with auGEN X running in apeMatrix.

Check out The Sound Test Room's live stream of auGEN X Version 1.1. Doug Woods uses apeMatrix modulation and pairs it with shimmer reverbs for delicious sounds.

Dj Puzzle from iPadLoops made this sweet Demo Review. And when the video quality didn't meet his exacting standards, he re-did it! Respect, Jason!

Doug Woods of The Sound Test Room made a second auGEN X video! This one has a cool modular synth feel.

Ed at Apps4idevices rebirth wrote a review and did a nice demo of auGEN X. Thanks, Ed!

Perplex On made this incredibly artistic Dark Glitchy Drone using auGEN X and Shoom on the iPad.

Brian Kupferschmid wrote a cool song using auGEN X.

Check out The Audio Dabbler building a modular synth-style patch with two auGEN X instances in apeMatrix.

Doug Woods of The Sound Test Room kindly made this nice Pre-Release Demo. Thanks, Doug!

  • New auGEN X now works on iPhone, & iPad touch as well as iPad - auGEN X is a Universal App
  • Oscillator for creating tone signals
    • 3 Modes: Fixed, Frequency Sweep, or Level Sweep
    • 4 Wave Shapes: Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, and Saw
      • Triangle and Rectangle have a Duty Cycle control (1.0% to 99.0%)
      • New Sine and Saw now have Warp control
      • Triangle, Saw, and Rectangle are alias-suppressed yielding virtually alias-free performance at musical fundamental frequencies
    • 10 Hz to 20,480 Hz extended audio frequency range (great for testing subwoofers!)
    • Full-featured Frequency or Level Sweep with 5 Sweep Types, settable Sweep Direction, and selectable Repeat or 1-Shot Mode
      • Sweep Period has a wide range from 1/1000th of a second to 100 seconds and can alternatively be set as a Sweep Rate in Hertz
        • Wide sweep range allows for FM and AM style sounds
      • New Sweep Animations show exactly what your Frequency and Level Sweeps are doing
  • Noise Generator
    • 2 Modes: Fixed or Level Sweep
    • White Noise or Pink Noise
      • Pink Noise conforms to SMPTE Standard 2095-1:2015 Calibration Reference Wideband Digital Pink Noise Signal
  • Impulse Generator (useful for checking the response of reverb algorithms)
    • Impulse Width can be set in samples
  • New Preset Sharing: Export & Import User Presets
  • Works either as a Stand-Alone App or as an AUv3 Audio Unit Extension
    • As a Stand-Alone App audio is sent to the iPad's built-in speakers, the Headphone/Line Output, or to any iOS-compatible USB audio interface connected to the Lightning jack
    • Verified to work great in AUv3 Host Apps such as Logic Pro, GarageBand, AUM, apeMatrix, Cubasis, BeatMaker 3, and Auria Pro
  • New auDSPr strives to design Apps for Everyone - contact us if you want to help us meet our goal
    • Languages: All auDSPr audio apps support for 简体中文, Español, русский, 日本語, Français, Deutsch, Svenska, Latviešu
    • Accessibility Features
      • auDSPr's Preset Manager fully supports Dynamic Type. Enlarge its text to make Preset Names easier to read or shrink it to fit more Presets on your screen.
      • Added VoiceOver screen reader support to assist blind & visually impaired users
Technical Specifications
  • Stereo output
    • Selectable Pan Laws include Linear Panning and Constant Power Panning
  • Audio signal path uses state of the art Double Precision 64-bit Floating Point for maximum accuracy
  • Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates
  • User Guide embedded in App -- no internet connection required to read User Guide
System Requirements
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0 and up (iPad 2, iPad mini (1st Generation), iPhone 4s, iPod touch (5th Generation) and up)
    • Support all the way back to iOS 9 means auGEN X works on every iPad model (except the original first generation iPad).  Breathe new life into your old iPad by using auGEN X to make it a dedicated, precision audio generator.
  • AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions are supported on iPads (iPad 4, iPad mini 2, and up)
  • 88.2 & 96 kHz sample rate require an iOS-compatible USB audio interface connected to the Lightning jack (or USB-C jack on some newer devices)
User Guide

Every auDSPr audio app comes with its User Guide embedded directly in it for convenient access without requiring an internet connection.

To view the User Guide from within auGEN X, simply tap the auGEN X button to show the App Information Page. Then tap the User Guide button.

If you don't have auGEN X handy or if you haven't bought it yet, here's the User Guide for your convenience:

Download the User Guide .